Banner in IMDb app

Hello, This question is not directly related to Pihole
but, the IMDb IOS app started showing banners.
So I thougt, let's block domains untill I get the correct one.
So I blocked them all.
and the banner was still showing, no content that was gone, but the banner was theren.

So for my question. Is this "Amazon sponsor" banner embedded in the APP? or could there be some other explanation?

The banner is likely being served from one of the domains that provides the content.

I doubt that, because I managed to block all the content, still the banner was there.

another theory would be that this "add" domain has a really long TTL and my iphone remembers this and therefore it doesn't show up in the pi-hole log.
not sure if on IOS, closing the app will also remove the dns cache.

I’ve read in the past that on the iPhone and iPad you can toggle airplane mode on / off to clear the dns cache.

IMDb shows amazon ads not only in its app but also in their web page. It is originated from domain. You can blacklist this domain but if you are shopping from amazon, I think it is required. I have 3 regex domains whitelisted related to amazon but I don't remember exactly if needed for amazon shopping or amazon prime video or both?

and yet somehow in the browser the banners get blocked.

what if, in the app, the dns is hardcored, content is received based on ip, not on domain, or the app uses a hardcoded dns server?
could all be true I guess.

maybe I can block some traffic in my router, but if it is encrypted I don't think it's possible

Does your browser use any plugins, such as AdBlock or uBlock Origin? If so, that could be why it's blocked in the browser but not the app.

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yes indeed, forgot about that one actually

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