Backup Logs || 1 One click upgrade

So after finding pi-hole and using it I am overwhelmed and happy the software exist. With that said I am looking for to a few future updates.

1.) A one click update or upgrade within the application, maybe I have not found the update ability and understand it to be a cryptic command line ????

2.) I would like to back up my logs, or outstanding a timed auto process that backup the logs. Such as if I need to provide of my internet speed to the internet provider, backup the Speednet logs. ?????

There are technical reasons the update command cannot be run from the web admin GUI. It is only run from the command line.

You can add a new cron script to back up your logs, or you have the option of having some of the logs in alternate locations:

Speednet is a separate application not supported by Pi-hole.

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hey thanks

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