Automatically Pause when a certain DNS is resolved (i.e. when visiting a certain site which needs ads enabled)


Here’s my scenario: it’s nice to use cashback websites but I always forget to pause my Pi-Hole before I go there. Inevitably when I click the link it will stop working and I have to pause and go back in a few minutes when the DNS has uncached.

I’d like to monitor for when I lookup a specific domain (i.e. and then when it hits that domain, pause it for x seconds.

Any ideas? If it’s implemented, I think it should be called Green Listing a domain. :slight_smile:


What’s about to whitelist the cashback domains?


Cashback is just an example, and it’s a different domain if I go to Lowes or Walmart, etc. It’d be nearly impossible to do. It’s also necessary for slickdeals. And if you ask my wife, I just think it’d be pretty swell to auto pause based on looked up domain.


A few days ago I had some thinking about this and first the white listing could be expanded.

Reverse it and set a timer on a white list item or group of items.

You want to go the site and then you activate the line a set time. After the time is expired this line is still listed but not active any more.

You can also group a number of lines so that you can activated them all in one go.

In a future release of Pi-hole the items/lists are contained in a database which makes it much much easier to manipulate their status without to restart parts of Pi-hole.

Maybe even a api/addon in the browser lets you easily choose what is white listed during a set time.

Triggering it by a url/domain is the same as having it not being blocked at all.