Automatically Pause when a certain DNS is resolved (i.e. when visiting a certain site which needs ads enabled)

Here’s my scenario: it’s nice to use cashback websites but I always forget to pause my Pi-Hole before I go there. Inevitably when I click the link it will stop working and I have to pause and go back in a few minutes when the DNS has uncached.

I’d like to monitor for when I lookup a specific domain (i.e. and then when it hits that domain, pause it for x seconds.

Any ideas? If it’s implemented, I think it should be called Green Listing a domain. :slight_smile:

What’s about to whitelist the cashback domains?

Cashback is just an example, and it’s a different domain if I go to Lowes or Walmart, etc. It’d be nearly impossible to do. It’s also necessary for slickdeals. And if you ask my wife, I just think it’d be pretty swell to auto pause based on looked up domain.

A few days ago I had some thinking about this and first the white listing could be expanded.

Reverse it and set a timer on a white list item or group of items.

You want to go the site and then you activate the line a set time. After the time is expired this line is still listed but not active any more.

You can also group a number of lines so that you can activated them all in one go.

In a future release of Pi-hole the items/lists are contained in a database which makes it much much easier to manipulate their status without to restart parts of Pi-hole.

Maybe even a api/addon in the browser lets you easily choose what is white listed during a set time.

Triggering it by a url/domain is the same as having it not being blocked at all.

  1. I think the hard part is defining the “automatic” triggering model (lists, regex, something) which would “pause” the filtering.
  2. Since the blocking is driven by blocklists, and if I understand the interface correctly and I’m not trying to be “Captain Obvious” … , I can uncheck a blocklist and after a save and update, the sites blocked by that blocklist will not be blocked (assuming they’re not on another blocklist). This is another hard part; knowing which blocklist is the problem for my “cashback / identity verification / e-commerce” sites. Then at least I could uncheck it as desired. [Wouldn’t that be nice.]
  3. The other thought would be a pi-hole anti-Gravity model that we could check/uncheck whole “allow” domain listings as desired. This would be different than the current interface that we add (or delete) one whitelist domain at a time.

(Not to hijack this thread, but I wish there was a modest way to capture the sites needed for a given e-commerce site.)

No concerns about threadjacking, @Alt227. Ideas are ideas, but I think you’re overcomplicating things.

It should be as easy as the following:

  1. Create a user-defined list (maybe regex). <-- “green list
  2. If a domain matches anything from the green list, then pause all blocking for [user defined] seconds
  3. Repeat as needed.

No need to overcomplicate it by unblocking only certain lists.

Use case scenario: slickdeals(.net) -> all the links are affilicate links and there’s almost no way to get around it. Once the domain is resolved the adblock is paused which allows me to actually use the site.