Automatic loading of whitelisting and blacklisting files at boot

For those who for an example just wants a whitelisting only DNS running on Kubernetes without many of the whistles and bells. To support that scenario in the easiest way the following things would be nice to have.

  1. Loading of whitelist and blacklist files automatically at boot. Could be done for an example with the following scripts at boot.
    cat /etc/pihole/allowlist | xargs pihole -w
    cat /etc/pihole/allowregexlist | xargs pihole --white-regex
    cat /etc/pihole/denyregexlist | xargs pihole --regex
    the denyregexlist would have .* in it and allowlists would have all the DNS entries you would like to allow. Since in kubernetes if you mount these files with a configmap it would scale very nice since you don't need to handle any persistent storage.

(2. optional) Possibility via environment variable to disable the automatic adlist that's cached or loaded at boot. Since if we do whitelisting only we don't really need it.

(3. optional) Remote syslogging configured directly in pihole via environment parameter.
Since if we have multiple piholes running on kubernetes the gui would not really make sense so better of to send the logs to some central collection.