Audit & Utilized Blocklists


Good Evening,

I set up and am running my PiHole on DietPi and so far have had great luck with the overall performance. I have a question about the AUDIT feature…what does it do. When I click on the audit button nothing seems to happen.

Also, out of curiosity, is there a way to determine which blocklist blocks a particular domain?



The audit feature will show you all of the permitted and blocked domains which your Pi-hole has processed. If you see a domain which was permitted which should be blocked, you can blacklist it, and vice versa. Once you have either blacklisted, whitelisted, or decided to keep the domain as is, you can click the “Audit” button to remove it from the listing. This feature is poorly documented, but as part of some major changes we are working on, we will take another look at it.

You can use the Query Lists feature of the web interface or pihole -q to check what lists a domain appears on.

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