Android phone using additional (non-Pi-hole) IPv6 DNS

Expected Behaviour:

All DNS requests on my Android phone (OnePlus 3) should be routed through Pi-hole when connected to WiFi.

Actual Behaviour:

Only a small percentage of requests go through Pi-hole.


The Wi-Fi settings only show the Pi-hole DNS. However, when I look in the Ping Tools app, I see the following DNS settings:

  • DNS 1: 2607:f428:ffff:ffff::2
  • DNS 2: 2607:f428:ffff:ffff::1
  • DNS 3:

The only configured DNS server should be Where are these IPv6 servers coming from? Is there any way short of manual configuration to get rid of them?

Debug Token:

You may have a better response if you post this on an Android forum.

Are you with Charter / Spectrum?
These seem to be their DNS servers (

If you are indeed contracting Charter / Spectrum as your ISP, your router may hand out these servers for IPv6 address resolution, while using your Pi-hole solely for IPv4.
In that case, your router is lacking a proper configuration for your Pi-hole as local DNS for IPv6.

Indeed, as I was looking through my router config, I saw those DNS servers. And because the Charter router is so lovely, I can’t change any DNS settings on my router. Fortunately, it did have an option to disable IPv6. Now all I see is my Pi-hole’s IPv4 address, and another IPv6 address that seems to be running through my Pi-hole. Perhaps it’s the IPv6 of my Pi? Regardless, it appears to be working now.

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