Analyzing data from my Pi-hole

Hello. My name is Bret, and I am new here. Looking forward to contributing and participating.

Recently downloaded ninety one days worth of DNS queries from my Pi-hole. Which ended up being 1.3 million records, or a one hundred and fifty megabyte CSV file.

To better understand the data, I am experimenting with various visualizations using Python and D3. Resulting in graphs, such as the one below. Which is a streamgraph featuring the number of times I have pinged one hundred particular domains during that period of time.

Has anyone else done something like this? Or, are there any resources for better understanding the DNS query data I am now exploring?

Thank you for the tool. I am glad to be a member of this community.

I'm using grafana cloud (prometheus/loki/grafana stack, in a cloud) with good results for collecting metrics/logs and visualizing. You'd be able to enable query logging and derive this same info. Grafana alloy has good pi support.

The query stats here look like the pihole admin page but they're coming out of the query logs themselves. I could be doing this per-domain requested, per-client, etc.

Grafana cloud's free service includes PLENTY of logs (50GB). Log retention is 14 days, but if you use recording rules to derive these stats automatically, metrics are retained longer. The pro service is free if you stay within the free limits (which a single pihole would totally do), and then you get a year of metrics retention.

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I've posted both the exporter and dashboard thus far if anyone's interested.