An issue I've been having with Youtube


For a while now, I’ve been unable to get Youtube history to work while using Pi-Hole. Now before you point me here, those domains have already been whitelisted and still no dice. Any ideas?

Here’s a snap from the logs:

Debug token: m92m33xzog



There may be a bigger problem with the configuration. The debug test queries the dnsmasq process for some specific records that should return back the customization that Pi-hole does, however they are blank on your installation.

Pi-hole dnsmasq specific records lookups
Cache Size:
Upstream Servers:

Can you explain a little how you have the Pi-hole configured? I noticed you have port assignments in the setupVars.conf for upstream DNS servers as well?

Also, index.php looks to have been corrupted by something. There are a number of errors for the file /var/www/html/index.php.


I have Pi-hole set up with DNScrypt, hence the ports within the config. At this point, should I just start from scratch and do a fresh install?


That would be my suggestion. And when you rebuild, start out with the default blocklists, check for YT functioning, and then add on the additional lists one or two at a time. If you have a known configuration where everything is working, you can more easily revert back any changes and we can narrow down if its the volume of the lists or if it’s something that happens with a near stock Pi-hole.


So I did a complete reinstall of Pi-Hole and now I no longer have the issue with Youtube. I even fixed Spotify! Upon reinstallation, it didn’t work, but I realized that the file for the DNScrypt servers were still being loaded by dnsmasq. Once I commented out these lines within the file, everything started to work again. All in all, the problem came back to my setup with DNScrypt.



Thanks for the update, and if there’s something that should be updated with the Wiki entries for DNSCrypt, let us know or go ahead and update the guides.