AMC & TNT apps not working


Using a Firestick I cannot view anything on the TNT or AMC apps without disabling Pi-Hole.
I’ve tried whitelisting ever domain requested, but it doesn’t help. I have also tried viewing the logs in real-time.

On the TNT app I cannot sign-in. Clicking the sign-in button does nothing. I must disable Pi-Hole, force stop the app, and restart the app.


These methods may help you find the domains involved.


Any conclusions on which URLs to whitelist? I’m scanning through logs right now but wondering if you’ve figured it out for sure @bionicjoe.


Yes I did get it working.
White list any domains with turner in the name for TNT.
For AMC it took several attempts to get them all, and I’m out of town so I can’t list them now. But one whitelisted item opened up several more things that were then blocked. Those made AMC work.

FYI - the scorecardresearch domains do nothing. They can be blocked.