Amazon Prime blocked - Unbound issue?


Expected Behaviour:

Example: Amazon Prime Video; video will play normally

Actual Behaviour:

This is the error, “This title isn’t available in your location”

Will explain my setup to best of my ability: Internet Modem is transparent bridging to my ASUS router(DHCP disabled and set to pihole IP for DNS; Pi-Hole running unbound/dns/dhcp.

Currently running Pi-Hole FTL w/Unbound/DNS/DHCP. I am utilizing NordVPN and normal day to day browsing with no issues as far as I can tell. Pi-Hole is doing its job. I can also watch Netflix no issues.

However Amazon prime appears to be on lock down. VPN states I am using a server from Miami, FL, USA. I also live in FL, USA.

I was talking to NordVPN support and they suggested I use their DNS. I entered the DNS address setting I changed) under my win10 box and sure enough, amazon starts working properly. Now I know Windows is bypassing my Pi-Hole DNS and using Nord’s DNS. Of course this is not what I would want as it would defeat the purpose of using Pi-Hole/Unbound as a DNS server.

Is their something I can do to resolve this DNS issue? I believe it could be a DNS issue. lol

P.S. I also posted the same question on reddit, but I’m hoping this is more visible here. Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Debug Token:



change back to using your Pi-hole as DNS then run a DNS leak test. if you have leaks that is likely what amazon is seeing.

more and more streaming services are locking down when they see anything that looks like a VPN due to Geofencing. YMMV


I don’t appear to be leaking, tried a few different ones and no other IP’s showing besides the one VPN. Just odd.

Netflix works with current setup, amazon video won’t, until I set nordvpn’s server dns on my client, any client pc and amazon prime video will work with no issues then.

Odd part 2:

Enter Nord’s dns through pihole and everything works just fine

but using breaks Amazon prime video :confused:


You can Try having unbound use your VPN server an its upstream using this code snippet

  access-control: allow  

        name: "."

just replace the two google addresses with you VPN provided ones Reference


Working fine now. I am a novice at this and isn’t this essentially rendering unbound useless if I am forwarding to another DNS?


If you use an other DNS server that Pi-hole which is going through Unbound then Pi-hole and also Unbound are by-passed.

If you want to catch traffic from software/app’s that wants to use their own “calling home” DNS then you have defer that traffic to your own Pi-hole/Unbound setup.
This can be done in router that has that possibility. You will have to catch traffic on TCP/UDP port 53 and redirect that you Pi-hole/Unbound server. Pi-hole/Unbound will resolve that request if it was a legit DNS request.


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