Amazon Browsing History

Somewhat IT literate, Pi-Hole (Steven Black's adlist) and Unifi setup.

Pi-Hole is preventing Amazon from adding items to its 'Browsing History', which is basically a list of items you've looked at directly (and not as part of a list of products).


  1. With 'Browsing History: On', I looked at items on my phone (via wifi) and computer. Nothing new on list.
  2. Took phone off wifi. Looked at items. They're on the list.
  3. Disabled blocking for 30 seconds. Looked at items via computer. They're on the list.

I like to use Amazon's Browsing History. Does anyone know which address I should whitelist for it?

Aside from the obvious, is there any downside to using the Browsing History and whatever I would whitelist to do so?


Use these tools to detemine why your desired content does not load.

I whitelisted and it works now. Apparently, it's also implicated in confirming purchase of Prime Video and other e-products, as seen in this post:

Hopefully, it's not used for tracking outside Amazon, but shrug.


I have regex whitelisted fls-[a-zA-Z] to cover fls-*

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