Alternatives for the "clever" vocabulary?

The Pi-hole has great functionality. When I started with the Pi-hole a year or two ago I was very confused by feature names like. " FTL (Faster than light)." “Event horizon.” “Gravity.” “Transporter.” Looking through ad blocking, network and Linux related documentation didn’t help. A knowledge of the Pi-hole’s function didn’t help. Eventually I found a post that mentioned that one or more of the developers has love for Star Trek or some other movie or TV show. In that context, the names are very clever! I just don’t have much patience for clever. I have had to decipher code written by people who also enjoy this sort of cleverness too many times to really enjoy doing it again. My request:

  • An easy to find table that translates the clever vocabulary to actual descriptive wording.

Or better:

  • A setting that translates the clever phrases to meaningful phrases in the running application upon installation. I actually have a cognitive issue that makes forming new neural associations difficult. I have to keep looking up what some of the Pi-hole specific words mean. I’d bet that there are more than a few people who feel stupid because they don’t know what “FTL” means in the context of blocking ads, and therefore assume they are not smart enough for the Pi-hole.

Thank you!


In Pi-hole those terms are not that much used any more. In the forum it still used on many occasions.

Blocklist is Gravity which is formed by importing files listed in the Adlist. Import Gravity is still being used in the menu.
Blacklist is user inputted
Whitelist is user inputted
Event Horizon is not being used anymore in the new version of Pi-hole. Was not really something normal users would encounter.
Teleporter is still Teleporter and could be replaced by backup settings and restore settings

Faster Than Light is still being used and the name given to that part of the Pi-hole package. Not something normal user would ever encounter.

There has been changes and the Next Interface could be better understandable for non Trekkies.

Block lists are publicly accessible lists of domains to which you subscribe. Blacklist is a locally maintained list of domains to be blocked (unique to your installation). Whitelist is a locally maintained of lists not to block (unique to your installation).

Gravity = contents of all block lists plus your blacklist (sorted and with duplicates removed) minus your whitelist. Gravity becomes the master list of domains to block for your Pi-Hole installation.

Are you sure? Please have a look at the Dashboard and then the red box.

Blacklist is not contained in that number. White is a fluent one.