All clients queries listed when clicking on individual client in dashboard



Expected Behaviour:

On the Pi-Hole dashboard under Top Client (listed), click on an individual client to see just that clients queries.

Actual Behaviour:

Instead of displaying only the chosen clients queries, all users queries are displayed. This happens when clicking on client name under Top Client (total) or Top Client (blocked only) but not when clicking on URLs under Top Permitted/Blocked Domains

This happened after updating to v4.0.


Please run the following command, then flush your browser cache and restart the browser.

sudo service pihole-FTL restart


Alas, this didn’t change the problem. I’ve uploaded a debug log incase it’s helpful - token: zfszya0tek.


I’m unable to reproduce this issue. What is the URL you are redirected to when you click on a client? Do you see the client’s IP in the output of this command? echo ">client-names" | nc localhost 4711


The URL when I click on a client is: http://*pi-hole IP*/admin/queries.php?client=*client IP*

That command gives me list of the client’s IPs.

Since this doesn’t seem to be a common problem I might just do a fresh re-install of pi-hole and see if that fixes it.


Can you paste a screenshot of what you are seeing when you do the query? Or screenshots(s) if needed.


Here is what I see when clicking a particular client.


And what does it look like if you search for that IP in the Search box on the top right?


Like so:


We can’t seem to replicate this. Did you flush your browser cache after updating?


Yes I’ve flushed browser cache after updating and several times after that. I tested this issue on a different browser I never use and it happened on that too. I’m going to do a fresh re-install of pihole and see if that does the trick.


How long has this been occurring? More than a day or just within a day?


Just within a day. I noticed it after updating to v4.0 yesterday. After reinstalling Pi-Hole just now this problem has stopped.

A quick question. Am I right to expect (assuming everything is now working properly) when clicking on client IPs under Top Clients (blocked only) on the dashboard for only the blocked queries (in red) to be listed and not the forwarded (in green) as well? It’s a simple matter of clicking on Status above the list to filter the blocked from the forwarded, but just wondering.


The reason I asked it that it might be a log rotation issue. The logs are rotated nightly on a cron script.

No. The display on the dashboard is for top clients that have been blocked. When you click a client ID, the filter is for that client, including all queries. It is not a query for just the blocked requests for that client.

The dashboard is intended to show you the top clients (sorted by total number of requests) and top blocked clients (sorted by total number of blocked requests). When you click a client name in either column, the resultant output is both Pi-Holed and non Pi-Holed domains for that client.


Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the help and quick responses!


To wrap this up - are you seeing what you believe is the correct behavior on your dashboard and links pages?


Yes. It’s back to normal now.


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