All clients are listed as router IP address?

I installed Pi-Hole just now on my Raspberry Pi. I have an Orbi RBR850 (Wifi 6) router. I pointed my Orbi router to use the IP address of the RPi as the DNS server. I told Pi-hole to use OpenDNS during installation.

I tried visiting a few sites and was able to visit them just fine. Seems the installation worked fine. However, the query logs show a single client IP address. That of the router. My desire is to see the IP address of individual client so that I can see which device on my LAN is going to which website.

Is that not possible with the Orbi router? The setup page for Orbi doesn't mention anything about DNS server - whether it is LAN or WAN. It has a single place to specify the DNS and that is where I entered the IP of the RPi.

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