All adlists in adlists group management have "List was not downloaded so far" health status


This is my first pi project. I'm running a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and installed pihole. I added all the lists from here: that were ticked or not crossed to the pihole and updated gravity on the GUI and using the command through SSH to update.

I haven't received any errors and the number of "Domains on adlists" have increased after updating gravity but the health status of these adlists are "List was not downloaded so far", even for I can't post any logs on the forum but I have it on hand


We are aware of this bug (web interface shows invalid adlist info, database entries are correct. · Issue #5293 · pi-hole/pi-hole · GitHub) and working on a fix.


So nothing is wrong with my Raspberry Pi's ability to block? I can ignore it safely?


Yes, it should be a visual bug only.

Alright thank you

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