AirPort Time Capsule Set Up Help

Greeting all,
I have an AppleAirport Time Capsule that I had pointed to my RaspberryPi/PiHole that worked for years and suddenly it stopped working. Presently, I have my router pointed to it's default DNS because when I point it to (RaspberryPi/PiHole) I lose internet connection. Thanks for any help. I'm not great at networking and it initially took me awhile to get this set up over a year ago so I'm somewhat relearning again.

Just added some photos...I'm not sure what's most relevant to add? Anecdotally, I noticed that PiHole is blocking some domains shown in the attached photos locally on the RaspberryPi.


It is not helpful to edit your post to remove information and then mark your post as solved. Future readers with a similar problem won't know what you did to solve the problem.

What did you do to solve the problem?

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