Advertising on every device despite pi hole

Hey Mates, I have the problem described below and would be very happy about your help....

Expected Behaviour:

i wanted to install pi hole on a rasperry pi 4 with 8gb ram to have no to little ads on the network. mainly to block youtube ads on tv.
-operating system: rasperry pi os 32bit (on a 32gb micro sd card)
-hardware: rasperry pi 4 with 8gb ram

Actual Behaviour:

i bought a raspberry pi 4 with 8gb ram and wrote with the pi imager on a new microsd card the operating system raspberry pi os 32bit with ssh access. i then connected the raspberry with a lan cable to the router. now i have set up everything via ssh. With a static IPv4 and IPv6 address. then I set the ip address of the rasperrys as dns sesrver in the router. furthermore I set the following in the /etc/dhcpcd.conf file: static ip_adress= ip of my rasperrys.
static routers= ip of the router.
static domain_name_servers=
I chose the cloudflare dns when installing pihole. in /etc/resolv.conf it says the following: # Generated by resolvconf nameserver . on the pi hole web interface is supposedly 16% blocked, although I had as much advertising on each device as before. As a side note, I have updated the resperry pi os, pi hole is also up to date and I have also disabled everything in the router with ipv6, because I thought the devices are switching to it. Each device has the correct ip address, has the correct ip of the router and the dns server. I'm really at a loss and would really appreciate help....

Debug Token:

Pi-hole cannot reliably block YouTube ads, since the ads are served from the same domains as the normal content.