Advanced Configuration Pi-Hole (I'm a newbie)

I'm using an Orange Pi One with Pi-Hole.

Previously I used an E900 router with stock firmware (simple configuration) but I recently installed DD-WRT and the official Pi-Hole configuration guide and other post but I can not make it work quite well, it does not show the total of connected clients.

This is my configuration


Tell me what I am doing wrong, or can you help me with the correct configuration ... I am a newbie with Advanced Firmware and Dnsmasq, etc

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Already perform the configuration

I have more than 3 clients connected to the network and even so Pi-hole does not show the total of connected clients


Now restart all to renew IP's and nothing.
I'm the only one with this error or it's a bug!

The only clients that count towards the 3 clients shown in the dashboard are those which have made DNS requests via Pi-hole. Just having the client using the DHCP server does not qualify as being a client of the DNS server.

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