Ads & Tracking list with 59142 unique hosts

Hello, I like to share my block lists with everyone. I’ve been hosting them on GitHub for about a year and a half and I currently have 862 commits. I’ve been maintaining the list even longer then that - but it was originally just on my Pi-hole blacklist. Once I got a second Pi-hole - I hosted it online so my two Pi-holes could share the list - and it just grew from there. I maintain this entire list - it is not some sort of combination of other block lists already out there. If its in the list - then I ether saw it directly - or it was requested that I add it to the list and I independently verified it first.

Just a note about the AMP and Facebook lists. Yes, several good regex’s can replace almost all of those two lists. When I initially started the AMP list, the PiHole did not have support for regex yet. I continue to support and grow these two lists because I still prefer block lists over regex and not all blocking methods support regex lists.

Ads & Tracking:

Tracking Aggressive:

  • A very aggressive block list for tracking, geo-targeting, & ads. This list will likely break functionality, so do not use it unless you are willing to maintain your own whitelist. If you find something in this list that you think is a mistake, please open a ticket and we can discuss it. Keep in mind that this is an aggressive list. This list currently has 3891 unique domains.
  • List:

AMP Hosts:


Source on Github:
Webpage for list details and a helpful test block image:

Anyways, those are my lists. I do my best to respond to issues on GitHub as fast as possible. Enjoy!



thanks for your post, for offering and maintaining those lists :+1:

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