Adlists not loading

Clean install on GCP Ubuntu 20.04 VM.

Everything seems to be working except that the adlists are not loading. There seems to be a problem with the SQLite3 database or connection.

Actual Behaviour:

I tried to update gravity from CLI with these results:

/etc/pihole$ cat adlists.list

/etc/pihole$ pihole -g
Error: no such table: info
  [i] Neutrino emissions detected...
  [✗] Pulling blocklist source list into range
  [i] No source list found, or it is empty

  [i] Building tree...
  [✗] Unable to build gravity tree in /etc/pihole/gravity_temp.db
  Error: no such table: main.gravity

  [✗] Unable to update gravity timestamp in database /etc/pihole/gravity.db
  Error: near line 2: no such table: info
Error: no such table: vw_gravity
Error: no such table: vw_gravity
  [i] Number of gravity domains:  ( unique domains)
Error: near ")": syntax error
Error: no such table: vw_blacklist
  [i] Number of exact blacklisted domains: 
Error: no such table: vw_regex_blacklist
  [i] Number of regex blacklist filters: 
Error: no such table: vw_whitelist
  [i] Number of exact whitelisted domains: 
Error: no such table: vw_regex_whitelist
  [i] Number of regex whitelist filters: 
  [✓] Flushing DNS cache
  [✓] Cleaning up stray matter

  [✓] DNS service is running
  [✓] Pi-hole blocking is Enabled

Trying to add from the web admin interface produces this error

**Error, something went wrong!**
While preparing statement: no such table: adlist

Debug Token:

Somehow your gravity.db was not created properly. Try removing the broken file and recreate it

sudo rm /etc/pihole/gravity.db

pihole -g -r
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Thank you! That did the trick!