Adlist sites to use March 2024 what is recommended

Hi, I have a list of sites for adlisting for pihole however not sure on this url :slight_smile:

I live in United states do i need a polishfilter ?
what are some good adlists that block ads etc also Youtube ads or other streaming services like Hulu and others?


I don't think you don't need polishfilter, you can check the list for some of the domains ending in " .pl " they would show up on your query log or Long term query log.

Here are some of the most popular lists for websites with English content :

If you need more, let me know or you could also choose from these

You're never going to block YouTube ads (nor any other streaming service) with a DNS filter. No matter how many irrelevant domains you add.

Any other way to do it but i would also say that you are incorrect i have been playing videos just fine with it. yes it does not last long but ads are blocked somewhat video will play and ads will be skipped.

No, it's not DNS that is doing anything. It's technically impossible, will not work.

The only way to block ads on youtube vids is to use a content blocker / browser extension. You would need to research which ones.

Thanks Whole - Do i just add all those URL's to the adlist?

None work and i bet Google has already figured out to stop it - all adblockers i have ever used do not work.

well it is doing it on my desktop pc i assure you with FF , YT - pihole , eth adapter pointed to dns address. it will skip videos

Yes, you can add just one or all.

If you notice that your websites break, you can use the "Search adlist" to see what blocklist is causing this.

I forgot , for Youtube ads you will need a browser plugin Ublock not pihole
Once Youtube noticed that people use Pihole to block youtube ads, they found a workaround.

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I don't use one myself but my brother has had luck using Ghostery.

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You choose your blocklists according to your personal preferences, so there are no recommended lists, let alone for a specific period.

You might be tempted to pump every available blocking list into Pi-hole.

You may end up with blocklists that are are not curated at all, containing loads of invalid or illegible entries, stitched together from all sorts of sources just for the sake of high counts, probably resulting in over-blocking, forcing you to define exemption on exemption until you are able to use your regular sites again, all while your partner is threatening to leave you if you won't get back her favourite website back within the hour.

In my experience, Pi-hole's default list is already doing a decent job.

If you want to expand on that, go for quality and content, not for sheer volume.
WaLLy3k's Blocklist collection is a good starting point, and Steven Black's hosts files do a good job in grouping blocking lists by topics.
Focus your attention on the sites you visit regularly - if they still show ads, go tune your blacklists until satisfied.


... to use March 2024 ...

Please understand that choosing a specific period doesn't make sense for lists.
Good lists are those constantly updated. Also, Pi-hole automatically updates your lists once a week to use the most recent version of each list.

So you don't need to worry about lists to use in 2024. You need to use well maintained lists.

I share the same recommendations made by Bucking_Horn.

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You might be tempted to pump every available blocking list into Pi-hole. This had cross my mind .. lol

Its just a punch line to get the convo going sorry some of us do not have the luxury of father time.

The Blocklist Project has a good variety of lists for different categories (use "Original" column links for pi-hole). Doesn't hurt to add multiple lists to your pi-hole for similar categories, as pihole will merge everything together and de-dup when gravitydb is updated.

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