Adlist Inaccessible from just one pihole not the other

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Expected Behaviour:

_The adlist should be able to update on both Pi-Holes

    • Pi-hole v5.14.1* FTL v5.19.2* Web Interface 5.17
      -Raspberry Pi4

Actual Behaviour:

I have two Pi-Holes running in my network as my DNS servers, a Primary and a Secondary. For some strange reason I always get a warning that one of the "Adlist" I have on my primary Pi-Hole is inaccessible but the exact same Adlist is okay on my Secondary Pi-Hole.

Debug Token:

What is the output of pihole -g from both Pi-holes?

Hi....I wasn't sure if I could add that link in here securely. I did ran that log command on the Pi-hole with problem.

There are 2 different things:

  1. pihole -g (the command asked above):
    this command will show only information about your lists and will update them, nothing personal is shown.

  2. The debug log (pihole -d):
    the log can be safely uploaded, directly from your machine to pi-hole server and only the developers will have access to it.
    You just need to run pihole -d, when asked to upload, answer "Yes" and paste here only the token.

Here is the token for one of the Pi-Holes,

Here is the other Pi-Hole token,

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