Adjustable height of DHCP and Static Leases tables in settings


The DHCP and Static Leases tables visible under settings, DHCP by default have a max height of 200px and show 4 entries. This becomes difficult to resize and an i cannot find a setting anywhere that would allow resizing of this

the setting can be edited in /scripts/pi-hole/js/settings.js by changing the value of scrollY at line 240 and 266 for the DHCP and static lease tables respectively. I have mine set to 2000px just so it shows all of my entries without scrolling the small boxes.

Given that other settings can be edited in the setupVars.conf file is there scope or interest for having an option to adjusts this from the web interface or via setupVars.conf?

There is already a PR that will modify the DHCP tables in a way that they look like all other tables and include pagination.

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The PR has been released. Can we assume the feature request is fulfilled?

Yep - just tried it - works great :slight_smile:

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