AdGuard Home


I just read about AdGuard Home and it seems to offer the same functionality as PiHole plus or minus a few features. See here
It’s awefull curious too see that the web UI looks quite a bit like the UI for PiHole. I’d like to see a developer look over the source code to see if there is some GPL violation or use of other people’s work. You can view the source code here


Installed it on a test pi. It’s clear that Adguardhome is still in development (version 0.9) However there are some nice things, that the pihole developers might consider implementing.
Things I like:

  • single configuration file. All settings are kept in AdGuardHome.yaml. Pihole uses several configuration files, this complicates configuration changes (if the settings page is not used).
  • can use Adguard browsing security web service and Adguard parental control web service
  • Adguardhome has a setting for safe search, witch makes it easy for inexperienced users to implement this. Pihole users must find and read several topics to implement this.
  • The lists can be enabled / disabled and have a description. Wasn’t this a feature request for pihole?

I tested Adguardhome with the unbound solution we use for pihole, works without any changes.

Pihole advantages:

  • uses dnsmasq, with documented man page, easy to implement extra functionality (advanced users).
  • proven functionality, despite some strange behavior with v4
  • large userbase with very active forum to solve problems and suggest features

My 2 cents: the developers should consider taking a look at the product, and implement some of the feature requests from the past (safe search, better control of lists + description, comments for whitelisted entries, …) Adguardhome may become a serious competitor (but currently isn’t).

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Pi-hole also supports Regex.


I think a few features are worth a look for sure. I kind of wish I had 2 extra Raspberry Pi’s just to test it but I would feel like I’m cheating on my Piholes haha


@jacob.salmela what do you think of Adguard Home


I haven’t actually tried it out myself yet. It’s not the first ad blocker in a box we’ve seen and probably won’t be the last, but it seems like one that will probably stick around. It looks to have some nice features and they obviously have have a better financial backing then we do, but I’m perfectly happy sticking with my Pi-hole for now.


Oh for sure I’m sticking with PiHole myself … but there are a few features that I’d like to see taken from Adguard home…


Is there any difference between AG Home and Pihole in RAM using, for default settings of both for example?