Additional Privacy Level: Hide Clients but show Domains


It would be nice to have an privacy mode to only hide clients.
I want to make an outside project, but i need to hide the IP because of the GDPR.
I still want to know where the traffics goes/to which sites. That wouldn't interfer with GDPR.
Today it's only possible to hide IP with domains alongside.

Technically this is already possible. You could set up a bind server to relay your requests to the pihole and all requests will look like they come from that server. Alternatively you could do it without running another server by opening up your router's DNS to the world and set your router to forward requests to the pihole, same outcome just all requests will show as coming from your router.

The wanted behaviour in your case is the unwanted behaviour in this FAQ article:

@Comedy I see that its already possible,
but the way pihole can also be installed by relative novices with the good tutorial. And even me as the designated family tech guy wouldnt really know where to start with the bind server.

And since it is already possible to choose within the webGUI to do

  • show clients only
  • show neither clients nor domains

I feel like this option is missing.

In addition since show domains only serves IMO the purpose of allowing for diagnose if a website doesnt work while providing privacy.
The topic of providing privacy is IMO important if you want to use PiHole in a flatshare (i.e. as a student).

Now I dont program too much, but I would imagine that it wouldn't be too hard since its basically the show neither clients nor domains minus the not showing clients thing.

I would love to see this implemented in a future version.

The solution with a relay is not possible in all environments.

I am surprised that the masking / hiding of the client has so little importance - it releases so among other things the use of pi-hole in the work environment as well as in the respectful at home!

As long as this option - masking the client - is not implemented:
How can I hide the client column in the web interface? Unfortunately, my web knowledge is only somewhat sufficient to php... in the js files I come to my limit.

Thanks for any ideas!

I am looking for that feature as well. I am running a pihole for a few users that connect to it via a VPN and I'd prefer to not know who accesses which page, but I use the blocked/allowed domains to check if pihole is working as expected. Maybe, even just the blocked domain list would be fine.