Adding feature "Blocking Cookie" question box?

Hello World! I’m new here so I don’t know was anyone mention something like this but I really like a pi-hole and I want 1st thank everyone who are contributing to this great thing - THANK YOU !!

  • Now I have a question -
    Is it possible to add also something in pi-hole which would also block annoying question about allowing cookies on every single website?

    @The_Pi_Hole Hello, moon PI i love your hole 😍.., here me out darling?! I was wondering? Is it possible to add to your existing astonishing capabilities also a feature which would also deal with annoying "pop up box" about accepting cookies? Those things are annoying like moth!

    — Nenad Kralj (@KraljNenad) 18. ožujka 2019.

I’ve also asked this question on twitter so here is direct link: I hope that I will not offend anyone - I hope that you will see also a humor in it!

Love your hole…nah. :astonished:

Pi-hole is aware of domain names but nothing else what is is in the URL.

Unless the domain hosting that cookie is called something special Pi-hole can’t be aware if is placing a cookie.

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No. Pi-Hole is a domain blocker and is not aware of any content that is loaded after Pi-hole provides the IP to the requesting client.

The solution you seek would be at the browser level, either with browser software that exists or a browser extension.

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Using ublock origin with only the “Fanboy’s annoyances” list activated should do the trick and not slow down the website loading.