Adding domains to Exclude from Top Charts Still counts on Percent Blocked

Expected Behaviour:

[Excluded Domains should not be counted to Percent of Blocked domains and Queries Blocked.]

Actual Behaviour:

[Excluded Domains are being counted.]

I don't know if the domains should be being counted or not once added to the Excluded list ???
I would hope not as they should be excluded ?? :frowning:

The way it works in the current version (4.0) is that excluded domains aren't shown in the top lists (top permitted domains or top blocked domains). Similar for excluded clients.

They are still counted in the overall count.

Will this be changed in a new version? Because about 200K of the blocks is just one domain. :frowning:
Or is there something that I can do to block the requests from being logged in the first place? I cant stop it on the host device because its a security camera.

There is a open feature request for this:

On some IOT devices you can specify the DNS to use. May not be the case for your camera, but worth a check.

If you use your Pi-Hole as DHCP server, you can selectively exclude clients by MAC address and assign them to a different DNS server. It is done in one of the dnsmasq configuration files:

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Thank you for the link to the request!

I am using pfsense and forcing DHCP clients to the Pi-Hole DNS server.
You helped reminded me that here is a way to tell each static client to use a certain DNS server. So I forced the Cameras to use pfsense DNS and then I made an DNS entry to in the DNS Resolver for .

:smiley: Thank you!

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