Add way to sync "Local DNS Records" between multiple piholes

Problem with Beta 5.0:
Looking for a way to either export "Local DNS Records" data or have functionality to sync between multiple piholes

This new feature is great, but having to enter this data to each pihole and keeping them in sync may prove to be a problem.

Hello @spyd4r welcome to the pihole community.

This might be something for you.

Of course you could also manually copy/sync custom.list from /etc/pihole/

Thanks, I was actually using this previously in 4. I don't know why I.. I just assumed it didn't exist for 5.

Thanks for pointing it out... Any word on this just getting built into pihole natively with access from the webui?

I'm not a developer but honestly I don't think so. But you're free to open a feature request.

Just need to add the file to the transporter, right?

Transporter = Teleporter?

Not possible at the moment.

Let me rephrase that.

"I, as a developer, would just need to add that file to the backup tar ball and that would solve this issue, right?"


... and modify the Webinterface for import accordingly.

I'll take care of it soon, however, v5.0 is already feature-frozen so it will likely come with v5.1, follow @yubiuser's feature request for updates.

The plan for v5.1 is to follow v5.0 after only a few weeks, and, in general, I'd like to see subsequent releases come in rather monthly intervals with few new features than one release in a year bringing more new features than we can meaningfully summarize in the release notes. We'll see how this idea works out.