Add the Long Term Data Database to Teleporter Backup

Add the Long Term Data Database to Teleporter Backup


This could be a huge file, depending on your activity level and retention period.

of course. but where is the problem? and in addition it could be easily reduced on the fly with zip or tar.gz.

every REAL backup of most systems could be a 'huge file'.

the size could be announced and inclusion made optional with a checkbox.

edit: btw the database would be a much smaller file with a better and less redundant layout. eg table 'queries' and field 'domain'

The Teleporter is intended to backup your Pi-hole configuration, facilitating to preserve your individual settings, e.g. for moving to a new system (like beaming your familiar trusted crew aboard a new ship).
The Long Term Database doesn't contain any configuration data.
Its content is not required for Pi-hole to work or to resume working.

Teleporter is not meant to build a new ship, i.e. to restore your Pi-hole system completely.
I keep copies of a working Pi-hole system image for that purpose, one on my hdd, and one ready-to-use on a spare sd card.

yep. and that's the mistake. especially if you call something quite pompously teleporter. and of course everybody can mess around in the filesystem and find everything by himself. but that would be possible with the settings as well. i think it's just inconsistent like the 'flush logs' button which only deletes 24h.