Add "permitted: whitelisted" to the filter checkboxes of the query log

To see if whitelisted entries can be removed from the settings i think it would still be nice to see if the query was a "hit" on both a blacklist and a whitelist and therefore was executed.
So far they don't have a "blocklist hit".

In a single management group, if a domain is whitelisted it is passed directly to the upstream DNS server and no further checks for blocking are conducted. The order of precedence is as follows:

The priority is:

  1. Exact Whitelist
  2. Regex Whitelist
  3. Exact Blacklist
  4. Blocklist domains (AKA gravity)
  5. Regex Blacklist

If a domain is found anywhere from top to bottom, FTL skips the rest of the tests.

What specifically do you want to see changed? Screen shots or other information would be helpful.