Add last update status for each entry in "Adlist group management"

Is there a easy way to disable each blocklist, which are not accessible anymore? Mainly 404 errors?

I'm using current stable 5.0 version.

Look at the output of pihole -g and delete those blocklists which are not available.

Yep, thats a workaround. Would be nice, when the latest status would be visible on page "Adlist group management". Then it would be easier to cleanup the list.

That's a different feature than the title of your request - "Auto disable block lists, which are not accessible anymore"

Got this idea, after your tip with pihole -g. Should i change the thread title or post a feature request?

Change the title and I will make this post a feature request.

I've changed the title.

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Implemented by

and released with Pi-hole FTL v5.8, Web v5.5 and Core v5.3 released