Add last blocked domain to summary*


Would it be possible to get the last blocked domain added to the summary* call? It should be part of that, since it is "summary" data.

But further more, adding it to summary* call, means one less call to the API.
Right now I have a script that query the API every second, that's 86400*2=172800 calls a day which is way overkill, so by adding it to summary calls, means I can remove 86400 calls every day.

Please consider this!


I have a local website, which is only accessible from my local network and I like seeing real time data on there which includes some data from pihole :slight_smile:

It's a nodejs server which query the API every second to update the data on my site.

This isn't implemented right now mainly because recentBlocked requires authentication (it returns a domain name) while summary(Raw) doesn't.

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ah okay yes, that I can understand, didn't think of that since there is no auth what so ever on mine since it's behind secure network. But I can understand the difference, I'll see if I can do a work around for my setup.

Thanks for answer :slight_smile: