Add hostname of clients to long-term query database

Now that Pihole has more sophisticated tracking capabilities, would it be possible to incorporate hostnames along with the IP address at the time a query record took place within the Long term data query log.

For example, now when I research a specific query like netflix for example. I wanted to see all queries that had netflix in the name for the previous week. The current behavior for providing the client information in the long term query log is to only show the IP address. I could not distinguish the devices under the long term query log because my network has so many devices that query netflix . I was wondering if it would be possible to identify a hostname along side the ip address if a hostname was available for the device at the time the query was made.

example- (RokuTv.lan)

Storing the hostname would need to be done for every query. This has the potential of doubling the size of the entire long-term database as hostnames are expected to be of equal length as the requested domains are. This seems to be a notable difficulty even when I can see the use case you describe.

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@DL6ER I wanted to also use this time to take the opportunity to tell you and the pi-hole dev team thank you because you all are doing an awesome of a job with Pi-Hole. Also,I can understand the challenges you may face in implementing such a potential feature. However, I would not expect you to over night this as a "NOW FEATURE", but it would be nice if this could be a parking lot topic for potential future implementations for the next gen. release of pi-hole -i.e. version 6+. If improvements ever arise to a point where this is feasible, I would like this to be considered in implementation.

To attract other users to vote for this feature request I recommend to rename it so something that already says what the request is about. E.g.

"Add hostname of clients to long-time database".

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Released with Pi-hole FTL v5.16, Web v5.13 and Core v5.11.1 released

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