add CIRA Canadian Shield to Upstream DNS Servers

could you add the new CIRA Canadian Shield to Upstream DNS Servers.

Service description

Summary of CIRA Canadian Shield DNS resolver addresses
IPv4 - IPv6 - DoH - DoT


We won't add this server to the options pre-installed in the web Admin GUI, but you can add this server using the custom entries on the DNS page.

You are not limited to the two slots shown for IPv4 and two slots shown for IPv6. If you edit file /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf, you can add as many as you want using the format shown below:


My suggestion was to give an alternative DNS by major country.
Thanks for the reply.

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Why not? Looking at it, there are already quite a few. I don't think this is a bad suggestion.

It's a Non-Soliciting and maybe even better in terms of privacy than some others which are already there.

We made a concious decision a while back to not just add more. You have to stop somewhere!

Like the "default" blocklists in the installer, they are only suggestions to get people started, and as JFB said custom entries can be added.

How about replacing an existing set then?