Add blocked cnames to pihole log (CNAME) isn't blocked

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ pihole -q
  [i] No results found for within the block lists is blocked

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ pihole -q
 Match found in

in the pihole query log, I see (deep CNAME inspection)

however, in the pihole log, I cannot find any reference to, only to

Jul  2 09:52:54 dnsmasq[27254]: query[AAAA] from
Jul  2 09:52:54 dnsmasq[27254]: forwarded to fdaa:bbcc:ddee:2::5552
Jul  2 09:52:54 dnsmasq[27254]: reply is <CNAME>

is it possible to add log lines for the domain entry, causing blocking (

I use this little script to find blocked entries quickly, but, items blocked, due to deep CNAME inspection, never show, due to the missing log entries.

tail -F $logfile | grep --line-buffered "is\|is ::" | \
    while read x; do
        echo "$x"

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