Add autoupdate (cron) in GUI?


Im not sure why there isnt a autoupdate option in the GUI.

Let me explain: In the GUI, a autoupdate function can be created with a time, date, etc. that simple add a cron job for pihole -up You set it in the GUI, it gets added automatically to cron.


We used to auto update, but that’s not something we will implement. You need to review the updates before applying them to make sure there aren’t breaking changes or things that you need to know that may cause DNS to not work under certain conditions.


That can pretty much happen in any update (something breaking)

Im not saying turning it on by default; Im just saying add a easy tick.


If an easy tick is provided, then users will turn on an autoupdate by cron, which is something that the developers don’t encourage. A user is free to write their own cron if they choose, or use pihole -up from the terminal, but the developers aren’t going to add a feature that does something they recommend against doing.

Users should not be auto-updating the software, they should take a look at the release notes and decide ahead of time if they want to update to the latest version. Think, then act. Not, act then regret.