Add API integration to perform CRUD operations on Local DNS Records

Hey all,

I love the addition of adding your own custom DNS A/CNAME records to the Pihole and I'm sure people will ask for the remaining types in the future.
One of the things that is top of my list of wishes from Pihole is the ability to perform Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations via API.
I'm amazed this hasn't been requested before (I've looked a lot and the closest I can find is as follows):

Many apologies if there are multiple requests already but I can't find them :slight_smile:

In the post outlined above, 'No, there is no API endpoint at the moment.' was all that was said, with at the moment suggesting it's planned.
Is this the case?

If not, i'd like to request it here!

Keep up the great work, everybody - I love the product! :partying_face:

I've been reading around to see if there's a roadmap anywhere and I am seeing comments here and there that suggest more API functionality is incoming.
Although I couldn't find a roadmap, there is the following milestone in the Git repository that has the description of 'Integration with the new API and web interface':

The only caveat being that the use of milestones doesn't appear to be used to assign a list of tasks/issues to monitor the state of progress. Because of this, I can't determine whether this is a duplicate request and/or is already planned for a future release.

Development of the new API happens here

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