Add adlists.list to Teleport


If adlists.list was added to Teleport Export/Import, it would simplify sync configuration for those of us running multiple PiHoles.
Additionally, the host file as well. I would then only have to update these files on one PiHole and then Export and Import them to additional PiHoles.


The adlist file is already added to the archive:

You can add hosts via a custom dnsmasq config in /etc/dnsmasq.d/, and the configs will also be backed up.


It would be handy to have the /etc/hosts file copied as well.


That is a questionable file to add. It is not modified or explicitly handled by Pi-hole (besides being used by dnsmasq), and all of the functionality it provides can be done via dnsmasq configs which are already backed up. Also, it can not be safely restored because it could contain machine-specific hosts.


Interesting. Why isn’t there an option for Importing it if it’s included in the archive?


Mostly a lack of time available to work on development and feature requests. Also, we are focusing on the new API and web interface, which will eventually replace all of this code.


Furthermore, this list is not imported as we currently don’t have a CLI command implemented and tested that allows to add/replace adlists whereas such commands are available for the white- and blacklists (pihole -w / -b) as well as the regex and audit domains lists (pihole -a audit).


Good point.