Add a "temporarily allow" feature

uBlock does this and then I can just continue to the website without adding a permanent exception.

When pihole blocks a site, I have to add it to my whitelist. I dont want to whitelist it, I just want to temporarily bypass it. I know I can just log into the interface and disable pihole for the time being, but not everyone on my wifi network knows how to do that.

Also, I just tested the Add to whitelist button, and the page is still being blocked. I flushed the dns cache. Still blocked. I did sudo service dnsmasq restart. Still blocked. But Im not asking for a solution to that. No one on my wifi knows how to do that. I want it to be convenient for everyone where if a website they want to visit gets blocked, they can temporarily visit it without having to do anything to the interface or their own dns settings.

Starting to think that might not be possible though since its all DNS based.

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It's an interesting request. I suspect we'll run into caching issues and may frustrate users unless there was some way to ensure the site would no longer be blocked. You can temporarily disable Pi-hole completely, but I realize this isn't exactly what you are looking for.

I created an account here to say that I'd like this feature as well. I frequently shop on sites such as Slickdeals. A lot of their links are referral links and they are frequently blocked by pi-hole. It would be great to have this feature.

Even adding a button like "Disable Pi-Hole for 5 seconds" to either of the pages below that when clicked you were prompted for the administrator password and then were able to continue past the blocking would be welcomed.

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Although it's better in more recent versions, the issue Pi-hole faces in implementing this is mainly the DNS caches lying between the Pi-hole and the client. On the Pi-hole, the disable would be instant, but by the time it propagates to the client it might be too late or just take too long. We're still open to this request though, just concerned about the user's experience.


I agree with this request. Adding some form of "temporary disable" button to the "blocked by Pi-hole" pages would be great. Most users of pihole would understand there could be cache issues. That problem doesn't stop there being an option in the control panel, all this request would do is streamline the process. I don't want to give everyone access to the admin panel, nor do I want to have to go to the admin panel everytime I see this page.

IF it's implemented please make it configurable. I'd rather not have my users just blindly clicking bypass. Thats how we got into this whole fake cert thing working for MITM attacks

Most of the blocking ads have this feature. And i would love it on pi-hole ! Realy love it !
Of course it should be configurable for each client/device. Ex : I don't want to allow my child to bypass pi-hole but i want to allow it for me

I agree with you that this could be an issue but the whitelist button has the same restrictions..
Maybe you could warn the user and / or link to a tutorial to clear the DNS cache on various Operating Systems?

+1 for this feature. If on my phone I am constantly disconnecting Wi-Fi, then retrying the link and then reconnecting again.
I then thought a disable on the blocked screen would be great and went searching to see if someone had requested this already.

created an account to +1 this. IMHO you should be able to set PH into a "permissive" mode where a user can temporary disable blocking a match right on the block page. perhaps with an optional "never unblock" list that can't be bypassed by non-admins.

here's an example, this is how uBlock Origin does it...

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#metoo is the wrong hashtag, but I solely registered to say that i am very interested in seeing this fr in pihole.

Did they huh? And nobody said thx. Ok Here it comes thank you sirs and Madames.
I should Update :confounded:

I realize this is a bit of an old thread, however I ran into this limitation myself as I of course, like many do some online shopping and occasionally find google ad links, etc. useful. It would be great to add a browser extension that allows right click functionality to bypass Pi-hole DNS and go straight thru to a preconfigured one (ie. google, open. quad, cloud etc).

In the meantime, what I did to create my own "quick click" bypass was simply add a free vpn extension to chrome (in my case I've found Touch vpn works well). When I come across a ad link (or any blocked web page for that matter) that I want to visit, I simply click on the Touch vpn extension and hit "start"- which connects quickly and off I go. When I'm done I simply select "stop" and I'm back on Pi-hole. Seems to work flawlessly after a couple of months of use.

Would also love to see this functionality. Would be ok for me to have a button which guides me directly to the admin GUI topic disable...

Here :slight_smile:

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