Add a feature to track traffic with which DNS is it going to

Dear Sirs,

Kindly add a feature to track what traffic/queries is using which DNS from the list in order to know and to make the internet suffering faster.


FTL/dnsmasq already uses an optimization function to select the best responding upstream DNS server.

We send out the first query* to all configured upstream DNS servers. When the first one replies, we store this server as favorite and only send queries to this server afterwards. In (the rather unlikely) case that this server stops responding, we re-send the query to the second fastest and so on.

*) After the initial query, we repeat our benchmark for every 1000th query or every 10 minutes (whatever comes first). You can change these settings when you compile FTL from source, they are hard-coded here:

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In your dashboard, the pie chart of DNS queries will show you which upstream DNS server is preferred by the Pi-Hole algorithm. This server (over a number of days) will receive the majority of the DNS traffic that is sent to an upstream server.