Add a "date added" field for blacklist, whitelist


Add a “date added” field for blacklist and whitelist. enable sort by date added.
This could also be very useful to new pi-hole users for troubleshooting purposes (e.g., user recently added a series of domains to the blacklist, things went a little haywire, but can’t remember what the domain was). Enabling “date added” and the ability to sort enables the user to more readily identify recent changes to blacklist/whitelist.


In the absence of this feature, if you open up the whitelist, blacklist, regex list; the most recently added domain is at the bottom of the list. They appear in sorted order on the web GUI, but the list itself is unsorted.




Still, what might be the usefulness of this information were directly accessible from the UI that’s already in place? If the data is already in the file, then it need but be displayed alongside the entry on the blacklist and whitelist. No?


Certainly this is a feature that people may want and will vote for, at which point the developers can evaluate the feasibility.

In the interim until such a feature is implemented, there is an alternate way to get the information. That was the basis of my reply.


And I’m grateful to you for helping me understand how to access it in the interim.

Thank you.