Ad Block for Sky Stream Puck (UK)?

I've just got a Sky Stream Puck and wondered if anyone has managed to block the ADs ? I've tried the regex entry "(.|^)$" that I saw in Reddit but that's not working on Sky Stream.


If Sky Stream uses separate domains for adverts then you will be able to track them down using your Query Log or browser add-ons.

Yes, I've used the logs on different catch up services in the past, but the Sky device is very chatty, so I just wondered if anyone has solved it before I re-invent the whole discovery process,

Good luck, yes it can be a painful process for very chatty devices, and may not even be possible depending on how they've implemented adverts. Pi-hole has limited support for Adblock Plus style lists now too, and since ABP is a well-supported extension, perhaps there is an ABP list out there you can find and use in Pi-hole.

Edit - limited support for ABP, ref @jfb comment below

Pi-hole has very limited support for adBlock style lists. We only import a very narrow category of wildcard blocks.

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Thanks for the replies, I've been doing a bit of tracking today and one DNS query that keeps coming up at the start of playing a TV show is "", I've added this to the blacklist & also via regex but somehow it does not get blocked.
Here's a snip from the log (pihole -t), sorry I'm not sure how to add code here so I've edited the chevrons from CNAME.
Jun 1 17:00:24: query[A] from
Jun 1 17:00:24: forwarded to
Jun 1 17:00:24: query[AAAA] from
Jun 1 17:00:24: forwarded to
Jun 1 17:00:24: reply is CNAME
Jun 1 17:00:24: reply is CNAME

Please upload a debug log and post just the token URL that is generated after the log is uploaded by running the following command from the Pi-hole host terminal:

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

Tools > Generate Debug Log

Using the formatting tools in the reply window, format the block of text as "pre-formatted text". You can also do this from the keyboard with the ` character.

put the character three times ``` at the start and end of the text - the line before and the line after

Is this what you mean?
I've changed a few things since my last post so can run it again if needed..

To format an inline code, you need to enclose the text with backticks, like this:
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To format a block of code, you just need to add "fences" (3 backticks), before and after the block:

code block

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code block

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