Active DHCP leases sorted by time/date

I finally took the leap to start using pi-hole as my DHCP server recently and although it appears to provide all my functional needs it seems to lack one feature. I’ve looked at all of the previous DHCP feature requests and I don’t see this one so I’m wondering if I’m unique in wanting this?

I use a lot of IoT devices (150+) and occasionally one of the devices (often a lightbulb) seems to create perturbation on my network by getting into a DHCP request loop - this can be reset by turning off the device for a while - if I can find it. I would like to be able to see which device(s) have made the most recent DHCP requests but there doesn’t appear to be a method for sorting other than by MAC, TCPIP Address or Hostname. I would guess(?) that there might be a log somewhere that contains this information but it would be nice to have this in the DHCP GUI. If there is a log could someone point me to it?

It should be in /var/log/pihole/pihole.log - you can even stream this log from the web interface.

I do see why it could be useful in your case but - to me - this also don't really sound like the right solution (rather symptom catching). I have never heard about such abnormal behavior before but it may be the very large number of devices you run. I do run about one tenth of IoT devices spread across various manufacturers but all operating on ESPHome so I (mostly) have full control over them.

TL;DR: I I'm not yet convinced that an extra column is useful for more than one user but it may confuse others ("why is this even there"). Thinking about UI development we have to consider that horizontal space is severely limited as more and more people switch to using mobile devices only. And they basically never use them in landscape mode...

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Thanks for your prompt response and pointing me to the log. I do see your point about real-estate (I mostly use a 12.9’” iPad in Landscape mode and phones are for calls (but I am in my 70s!) :wink:).

But your answer seems to be at odds to the Network pane which does exactly what I was requesting. As you can see there’s a sort option for every column including the date/time under Last Query.