Accessing (blank page problem)


I would like to access

Sadly, makes many uses of badly written scripts. What has happened to me, is that the whole site goes blank when using pihole. Using the Tor browser, I was able to see the site again (the Tor browser does not use pihole).

Could anyone else try and see if they get the same result?

And if you get the blank page, is there a work-around?

ta, t.


You can just whitelist that site?


Yes, I tried ‘pihole -w’ and that gave no result.

Do it go blank for you too?


Try ‘pihole -w’ (no http:// header!)
Or use the GUI.


pihole -w
[i] already exists in whitelist, no need to add!
[i] does not exist in blacklist, no need to remove!

Thus, do you get a blank page when you try to access ?


No, I don’t get a blank page and I have neither white- nor blacklisted the site. Seems to be a french-speaking TV site.
What problems are you experiencing? You speak of badly written scripts, but things look smooth here.
I can’t play any shows - since I am not in France (or Canada).


I did not get a blank page. I got a blank page as soon as I allowed in NoScript to run the script from that site.

I think they see that I am not living in Canada and are not interested any more. :rofl:


Even with a Canadian IP-number, the blank page happens.


I got the problem on Linux Mint 18.3 (with four different browsers), with Linux Mint 19 (five different browsers) and on Ubuntu 18.04 (three different browsers).

On the Ubuntu box, I changed the /etc/resolv.conf from the Pihole raspberry pi to directly. And it worked just fine.

Thus, there is something not working between and Pihole.


Maybe it you need a Québec IP address. You know how sensitive they are. :wink:

[ maybe shooting in my own foot ]


C’mon, stop trolling.

And yes, it’s a Montreal IP-number.


They are showing me a blank page so I have to look behind the screen to see what they want to do:

	<script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>


I used Brave browser and disabled all protections and disabled pi.hole and got:

Conformément aux droits de diffusion, le contenu sélectionné n’est pas disponible dans votre pays.

So it must be working then for you.

Bonne chance

update: I tried it later with pi-hole enabled again and it still worked.

Direct link:


With Pihole, this is what I am getting with Brave.

All this is not only Brave, but on all of the browsers. OS is Mint 19.

When I put the dns in /etc/resolv.conf to, I can make use of the site again.



On the right top you see a orange lion head and click that. Disable shields and try again.


Nope, that still did not work.

I have tried with Pihole on six different browsers. All the same result, the page goes blank.

If I set the dns in /etc/resolv.conf to a non-pihole dns, it works on all six browsers.


Dit you whitelist in pi-hole?



Yes, I have tried whitelisting and blacklisting and I get the same result: the blank page (which initially loads for a second or two, then goes blank).

This has happened in: Mint 19, Mint 18.3, Ubuntu 18.04 and in ChromeOS. Same problem. When I don’t use the pihole dns (changing the /etc/resolv.con to, then I don’t have the problem. So far, it only happens on this one site,

I’ll keep at it. It’s a very strange problem which should not be happening.



So how does your Pihole query screen looks when you have visited that “shy” page? Don’t forget to flush first the cache of the client.


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