About groups and clients


In order to understand it correctly I wanted to ask you how it behaves if I list a client as a "congured client" without assigning them to a group?
I guess it is like passtrough (without any filter at all), but I'm not sure.

An exact description would help my understanding.


Hello @nische, welcome to the pihole community.

If a client is not part of any manually selected group it falls back to the special group 'Unassociated' which uses all adlists, white - and blacklists also by default. This means blocking is enabled for any unconfigured client.

See here for more information.

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ok i see it, thanks for that. So what do you think is the best solution if I want a group that goes through everything unfiltered?

Group with whitelist regax /.$?
Group with nothing?
Group that is deactivated?
Disable unassociated?
Something else?

Create a new group "Pihole unfiltered" and assign a client to that group (remove it from "Unassigned"). That's it.

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Great, then I'll do it that way. Thank you.