Abnormal high queries when staying connected with PC to PiHole web admin page

As per the discussions elaborated under "Exclude “local” from being placed in logs/top domains" I have been able to hide the PiHole server with ".local" domain from PiHole's statistics.

Today, I realise when connected with my PC's browser to the PiHole admin GUI that my PC generates loads of requests towards the PiHole server machine, which seem to be abnormally high as depicted with:

These findings are best depicted with green coloured graph that represents as client my PC and shows up with above 800 queries. All other clients in my local network are below 100 queries. The "total queries" counter is just counting up with nearly every second.

The history of high number of queries is best represented with the detailled log as depicted with:

Note: The server "dnsbox.local" is the PiHole server for which the PC in question is connected to through the web browser.

The next picture illustrades the situation of "high peak of queries when connected to PiHole server with browser" even better:

And also the PC in question with its IP address is listed as a top client as depicted with:


Above said, I would expect that when a PC is connected with its web browser to the PiHole server for the sole purpose to call up the PiHole web admin panel that these client requests are not being taken into account in the statistics.

How can I achieve this?

Usually your browser or OS will cache those requests. In the case that it doesn't, Pi-hole will not show requests about pi.hole in the log. That is why we suggest connecting to the web interface via pi.hole. Otherwise, we might be ignoring valid requests that you want to see.

Thank you for the suggestion, and it seems when connecting to the web admin console using "http://pi.hole/admin" and staying connected, this address won't get counted in the statistics:

  • under "Dashboard", the graph stays normal, and

  • this address won't get listed in the recent queries list under "Query Log".

This said, what about doing the same masking for all the hostnames listed in the file "/etc/pihole/local.list" file?

The domain pi.hole is special in that it is hard-wired into the FTL daemon, see

It would be more work to have this for a (non-fixed) list of domains.

Thank you for your explanation, and would make sense not to use a check against a list of domains.

In addition to this hardcoded check, what about a second hardcoded check against the local hostname only?

how would you like us to determine the local host name? Shall we assume localhost or shall we read /etc/hostname on startup of FTL?

However, I'm already unhappy with the automated hiding of pi.hole as this, obviously, already alters the display as it hides queries in the network that are happening. Hence, I'm also not in favor of hiding even more.

What are your thoughts on this @jacob.salmela @DanSchaper @PromoFaux @Mcat12 @WaLLy3K ?

Thinking out loud here... not near my setup to check.. but what about /etc/pihole/local.list?

It would be nice to not hide the pi.hole queries. The issue is really that we can't cache the query results between API requests. With the upcoming API, we can do that.

Personally, I feel the same way and wouldn't want to hide anything, but I totally get why people would want to hide this behavior. If anything, I'd prefer to see a toggle for the behavior for those that feel it's "throwing off their stats."

I've done some checks here on several Linux platforms, and to my understatding it ought to be the resulting value of "$(cat /etc/hostname)" or "$(hostnamectl --static)".

Would this make sense to all of you?

This said, the ideal solution would be masking for all the hostnames listed in the “/etc/pihole/local.list” file...

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