Ability to filter Unknown types in Long-term Data Query Log

Currently it doesn’t appear that queries with “Unknown (0)” status are included in any of the Query Status filters on the Query Log page under Long-term Data.

This means that these queries will always show up, regardless of which Query Status filter(s) are selected. They even show up when no filters are applied.

It would be nice to be able to filter these Status types in the long-term data query log page.

I think it’d be preferred to add a new Query Status filter option for this Status type (since it’s not really Permitted nor Blocked). But including them as part of one of the existing Permitted Query Status options could also be a solution.

Thank you for your time and work on such an amazing project!

The Query Log is completely being reworked in our on-going work for Pi-hole v6.0, more specifically, we are deprecating the long-term pages with a Query Log that is instead able to cover arbitrary time intervals.

This also allows filtering for all status types, like in this screenshot of the development version (branch devel-v6):

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