A simple SSH

Any chance of including a simple SSH client to the web portal to interact with the pihole’s host, for common things like updating the server? It would be really useful to those who want to keep their headless server up to date but don’t want to install a dedicated SSH client on their gaming PC especially if updating the distro is all they tend to use it for.

How was Pi-Hole initially installed?

The SSH client on my previous windows installation. Putty specifically, my issue is reinstalling putty just to perform an update to the headless server every now and then seems like an unnecessary use of space and extra steps when the function could be implemented into the pihole dashboard.

Honestly? No real chance.

That’s a bummer.

Run Putte from a usb stick, no need to install it.

It would be quite complicated to embed a SSH server. Even more as the web server would need to be restarted while the update is running which would inevitably terminate the connection and break the updating process. We actually investigated a lot into online triggerable updates last year, however, there were some insurmountable obstacles causing too much danger with only partially working systems in their outcome. The danger-vs-usefulness ratio was a bit off and we decided against it. And we’re only talking about an online-updater, not even close to a (full) SSH client, here.

We might revisit an online-updater with Pi-hole v6.0+ as a lot in the infrastructure will change, but this will not happen this year :wink:

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