A GUI for Windows with AutoHotkey


Hey all,
I created a GUI for Windows with AutoHotkey.

GitHub: https://github.com/jNizM/ahk_pi-hole

If you got some ideas what I can add, let me know.



Looks good.

What about monitoring multiple Pi-hole instances (at the same time) ?

  1. Maybe an idea to upload the below ICO to github so when compiling users have the icon available?
    pi-hole icon.zip (25.9 KB)
  2. Add in-app option to add the API key so you could compile the EXE + icon on github.



  • Add icon
  • SessionNotification Message (pause collect timer when pc is locked and start again when unlocked)


  • A Switch between minimal gui (4 colorful infos) and standard gui
  • A Dark Theme (maybe zenburn / sunburst like or something similar)
  • 4.0 API