A global administration console for all pi holes


What do you think about Having a unique web interface when you have more Pi Hole on a network

A global administration console for all pi holes


Can you describe in more detail what you do now and what the requested feature would do differently?



Today I have 2 Pi Hole in my network depending on the type of customers.

So I have 2 admin web interface to watch.

The ideal would be since one and the same web page to be able to consult the stats and the setting of several Pi hole.

With maybe a pop-up window that would show all Pi holes of the network


Do you want to administer the Pi-Holes or do you just want to view the stats? For the last purpose you could set up a Grafana instance with cumulated stats/views.

That‘s also a plan for my spare time, at some point in the future.


The Best Will be to administrate all pi hole in uniq Web interface